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Now when you take a vacation for a little rest and relaxation, your pet can too! Camp K9 isn't just a place for your dog or cat to stay while you're off having fun. It's a place where your pet can also relax and have fun. Your pet is a valuable member of your family, and we treat them like one. Your pet will consider Camp K9 as a special vacation retreat where they can play, relax, socialize with friends, and become rejuvenated. If your pet kept a photo album, here are some of the photos you might find in it.

Category selected: Outdoor Playtime

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Let's play chase! One-on-One cuddle time with my own camp counselor. Outdoor playtime is our favorite. Camp K9 has the biggest yards! It Playtime! We love the open spaces to run and sniff! Yipee, I love the freedom in the big yards! Next time I get the ball! Winter or summer, the play yards are always available for fun & exercise Individual play guests still run and play next to other guests I love to run! Our customers agree their pets benefit from the included outdoor play times Having fun with a Camp Counselor Heading out for play time

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Best of Madison

Thank you for a great first visit to Camp K9! Mercy was clearly well cared for. She seemed so happy when we picked her up. Thank you for the call back regarding how she was doing during her stay, it really put our minds at ease. Our Mercy girl was returned to us smelling great! You can expect us to sign up for the massage and bath during her next visit.

We appreciate you taking such good care of our girl. See you in December!

Mercy and Family