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Best of Madison

Our first dog NEVER went to a kennel (heaven forbid!!), but 25 years ago, when we decided that once in a while the family would go somewhere the dog couldn't, we found Camp K9, and we have happily used their services ever since.

We started when the kennels were in the lower portion of their house, and have been amazed that great expansion could occur yet the personal touch was never lost. When that first dog, our English Setter, Maisie, got elderly, had trouble walking, and had "accidents", we would return to pick her up and find her in the office area, on a cushion, drying off from needing to be bathed, and the only comment from the staff was what a sweet dog she was... no reference to the extra work involved.

Now we bring three noisy, rambunctious beagles to the B&B on an almost monthly basis (gotta see those grandkids). We need extra help getting them and their gear in and out, occasionally ask that they be given medication, request nature walks, listen to them howl as we leave, and all we ever hear is how cute they are, not how much trouble they are. That's why we stick with CAMP K9!!! You are great, and we appreciate all you do for us.

Peggy and Jon