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Thank you for a great first visit to Camp K9! Mercy was clearly well cared for. She seemed so happy when we picked her up. Thank you for the call back regarding how she was doing during her stay, it really put our minds at ease. Our Mercy girl was returned to us smelling great! You can expect us to sign up for the massage and bath during her next visit.

We appreciate you taking such good care of our girl. See you in December!

Mercy and Family

BEST BEST BEST doggy day care in Madison, HANDS DOWN. It's clean, the staff are friendly and trustworthy. I really wanted to find a place that I could leave my dog while I was at work without having to worry about him... i did not have this luxury until I found Camp K9. The rest of the doggy day care centers in Madison don't compare. My dog loves camp SO much, that I am excited to take him there and don't feel an ounce of guilt leaving him. He always has a great day. Im so grateful! Emily

Thank you SO much for taking care of my "babies". You have no idea how much it meant to me and how good it made me feel when you sent the pictures and texts. I also can't thank Kristyn enough for the extra attention she gave to help them feel comfortable. It meant so much to me. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

We are planning a trip to Florida in Feb. so the pack will be back then. :)

Sincerely, Karina

Love and trusted Camp K9 since '92! One time a travel agent wanted to reschedule our trip overseas. I said ok, if I can reschedule Camp K9. She asked if I was serious. I told her I was absolutely serious! We and the pups rescheduled and all had great vacations!

-Rebecca S.

Dear Camp K9 Staff,
Thank you so much for all you do for Frankie each week. He loves being here so much, it really is like a second home for him! We would never consider taking him anywhere else. It's nice for us to know he is getting such great care when he goes to "school".
Denise & Gary (and Frankie)

Congratulations on winning the Gold Best of Madison Pet Pamperer, Boarding and Daycare award for the second year in a row! Maddie thinks you are the Best and so do we. We've referred many, many people to Camp K9 and evryone loves it! We enjoy our vacations knowing our "child" is in great hands. Thank you! Debbie

The reason you guys won the Best of Madison Pet Pamperer, Boarding and Day Care is that you've taken such good care of me and my late relatives, Chloe and Bob. You really treat me right (just the way I like to be treated, of course) and recognize that because of my bad back, I have some habits that I can't control. You know this and take it in stride because I'm such a nice dog to have around! So the recognition is well earned and well deserved.

With love, Jane

Dear Camp K9,

I boarded my cat, Maurice, with you few weeks ago and would like to thank you for a wonderful job! Cats are usually very change resistant and are not especially fond of boarding, but I was able to tell right away that Maurice had a great time at Camp K9. Thank you for being so responsive, attentive and extremely professional. It is also very refreshing to see that all your facilities are made with animals in mind and attention to details is a very nice touch. Unfortunately, I had to move from Madison and will not be able to visit Camp K9 again, but will highly recommend you to everyone else! Once again, THANK YOU!

Maria and Maurice

Hi Everyone! A couple of weeks ago I picked up Charlotte as usual, after one of her two favorite days of the week, the days she goes to doggy daycare! When Amanda brought her out to me she told me she had given Charlotte a compelementary nail clipping. how nice was that? It's just one more way Camp K9 and your staff go above and beyong for our four-legged friends. I want to thank Camp K9 for all you do!
Janet and Charlotte

To The Wonderful Staff At Camp K9,
The best testimonial to you all is the fact that our dogs, Benny and Beatrice, love "going on vacation" at Camp K9. We have read your great testimonials and share the same feelings! We would, however, like to add one additional thing that has been very important to us and is one of the things that we feel sets Camp K9 apart from the rest. It is the fact that you view each dog individually and you care for them based on their individual personalities! This is a true testament to your dedication and love for the pets that you care for!! We can't thank you enough for all the care and love you give to Benny and Bea when they are vacationing with you!
Debbie and Kevin

This is to thank you for creating a wonderful environment for the dogs to play and stay, as well as your staff to work. You have a great team in place! I've known this since Django's first visit last fall. Everyone is so friendly with the humans and caring and attentive with the pups/dogs.

Since August 1, I've had an ankle fracture and was unable to bear weight thus had crutches causing great frustration and challenges for both Django and I. You guys were great! I'd like to especially thank John & Amanda (Manny), Amanda & Kori were also very helpful. Audra has also been awesome through this. Django and I were really given great care. John and Manny gave us extra attention by giving him a few more minutes to do his biz before getting safely into the car plus the support and encouragement through my tears. I could not have gotten through this with out them and without Camp K9! Everyone is extremely supportive and demonstrates great compassion and patience.
Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I am ever grateful and incredibly appreciative!!!
Warm regards,
Susan & Django

Thanks to everyone at camp K9 for the wonderful care they provide to Ivy daily. We appreciate you all, and consider ourselves lucky to have found such a wonderful, caring group of people to watch our "baby". Keep up the great work.

Deirdre & Ivy

To the wonderful Camp K9 Staff

We want to thank you for all the years you have cared for and played with our Dolly. Over her 9 years we always felt she was in a safe place surrounded by wonderful, knowledgable people at Camp K9 when we had to kennel her. You took such good care of Dolly & Suzie & Charley & Honey over so many years! We will always be grateful.
Dolly had a joyful, playful healthy 5 months after her cancer diagnosis. We had fun and shared smiles and love with her everyday. We will always recommend Camp K9 - you are the best.

Jack & Kay

Dear Camp K9,

We want to Thank You for the great 25th Anniversary open house on Saturday! It was fun - Marlowe loved playing in the Day Camp and meeting new dogs. It was good for us to remember how much Camp K9 has grown since we first came there 24 years ago. No matter how much Camp K9 has grown in the past 25 years, it remains welcoming, personable and pet-centered. It feels like we should thank you - not just you thanking us - for all you have done for us... and how you have cared for our terriers all these years.

Camp K9 is truly a wonderful place for pets because you and your staff are wonderful people!

Stephanie, David, Marlowe & Max

...Plus the memory of Cadno & Tamarind (Tamarind once lept over the front desk when we were dropping her off for boarding so she could snuggle up to Duncan! That says it all!)

Camp K9 Staff,

First, I would like to thank everyone for the awesome job they do there. This is the first kennel I have felt completely comfortable leaving our dog at. Everyone is so nice! I never have to worry about how he's being treated or if he's getting any attention at all - I know he LOVES it there. He comes home exhausted and happy. Being that he's now on medication for epilepsy, I was so grateful everyone was sure he got his medication on time every day. It totally put our minds at ease. Thank you for that very much!

Second, for the groomer that got him all cleaned up and smelling wonderful - you did a great job!

Thank you again everyone! If everyone in the world cared for animals as much as you all do - the world would be a better place!

Sincerely, Travis and Dacia

Our first dog NEVER went to a kennel (heaven forbid!!), but 25 years ago, when we decided that once in a while the family would go somewhere the dog couldn't, we found Camp K9, and we have happily used their services ever since.

We started when the kennels were in the lower portion of their house, and have been amazed that great expansion could occur yet the personal touch was never lost. When that first dog, our English Setter, Maisie, got elderly, had trouble walking, and had "accidents", we would return to pick her up and find her in the office area, on a cushion, drying off from needing to be bathed, and the only comment from the staff was what a sweet dog she was... no reference to the extra work involved.

Now we bring three noisy, rambunctious beagles to the B&B on an almost monthly basis (gotta see those grandkids). We need extra help getting them and their gear in and out, occasionally ask that they be given medication, request nature walks, listen to them howl as we leave, and all we ever hear is how cute they are, not how much trouble they are. That's why we stick with CAMP K9!!! You are great, and we appreciate all you do for us.

Peggy and Jon

Hi Camp K9! I have just referred a friend to you! :) As far as I am concerned, you are the BEST!!! We have entrusted each one of our dogs to you. I feel very good about leaving little Sunny with you, if it wasn't for you, I don't think I could be leaving him for a whole week at his young age, THANKS!!! :)


Camp K9,

We wanted to thank you for running such a great kennel! Our dog Tanner comes home happy and tired after a stay at Camp K9. It's clear that you take good care of him and that he gets plenty of exercise. It gives us great peace of mind while we're traveling.

Thank you!


Dear Camp K9,

Thank you so much for checking on our pets. They are doing well.

We very much appreciate the wonderful care you provide for them. It gives us a sense of peace while we are away that they are so well cared for. Thank you for that. You can expect to see us again soon.


Hobbs and I just arrived home and I wanted you to know how delighted we both are with his camping experience! He's exhausted which tells me he had a good time.

I especially appreciate the report card. It tells me he was more than just a client - someone took the time to watch over him and record those things that are important to doggie parents!

Thank you from both of us. I'm sure he will want to come back.


Dear Camp K9,

I can not begin to thank you enough for the SUPERIOR care you gave Dodger on his week stay at Camp K9. We absolutely loved Dodger's "report card" from the camp counselors. The comments about Dodger were 100% accurate, so we know you had to spend quality time with him to know those facts. In the past, I have turned down vacations because I was uncomfortable in leaving Dodger for more than a weekend. Now, we are already planning a fall vacation and Dodger will return to Camp K9 for his own vacation.


Vicki & Dodger